Block site with Chrome extensions,
how do i block a website on chrome
Internet brats and patient in your home you don’t want to be entered if you have sites that you will want to avoid them. In this case the antivirus program and also a plugin that is written for users of Google Chrome with a webpage is blocked, I’m going to talk about that.

The option to block a URL for Google Chrome has not developed already. However, the option is available to block cookies from certain sites. Blocking the web pages through a plug-a process we will do so.

Website blocker plugin after you install the icon located in the top right corner click on the Settings tab and we’re going to. Image blocking in most of the following option located in the left upper part you can enter the sites you want to block on the website.

You can enter in rows on the bottom of each site you want to block. If you wish, you can prevent entry between certain hours. Already present in the sample.

A sub-option in the “finished blocked messages” for the warning message, you can edit the blocked site.

The application password is not yet active. Don’t put the password for the application as a beta version yet because it is out of the question.