To buy Bitcoin with a credit card is not that difficult. Today we will show you how easy and how much can be done in a fast way. I recommend doing some research about the site before I could get bitcoin from exchanges. Bitcoin offers the opportunity to receive by using a credit card, but basically single purpose there are many sites that can steal your credit card information. For this walkthrough, are the most reliable among them is that we think Sex.IO we prefer. bitcoin with credit card via IO?, as well as your credit card allows you to buy Bitcoin with a debit card. Which is one of the oldest bitcoin exchanges Sex.of your membership on IO verification process is quite extensive and takes approximately 30 minutes. Membership upon approval of your registration, log in to the account.

You’ll need to load money to the credit card account before you can receive Bitcoin.

Step 1

In the top right the “deposit” button.

Step 2

In the window that opens your payment method “payment card” as select.

Step 3

How much is the installation section in the top right and enter what you want to do.

Blue “deposit”, click on the button to see when the installation will take place.

Step 4

When it loads to see “buy/sell” section The amount of Bitcoin you want to receive in dollars or denominated in BTC and enter the “Buy” button.

The final step

In the window that opens “Confirm order” by clicking on the button to complete the process. After you refresh the page, in the left upper part you will see how Bitcoin.