Prevents links to other sites on Facebook. Facebook is more reliable for you.
Add-On can be found on the Chrome website
Facebook Disconnect 2018 for Chrome™

Tired of seeing Facebook ads after visiting a website over and over again? ” Disconnect Facebook 2018 ” Chrome extension lets you completely link Facebook to third-party websites to stop tracking you up on Facebook “ also makes surfing faster, more private, more secure.

”Facebook Disconnect 2018 for Chrome™” addon is an effective firewall to prevent Facebook from following web pages that go by blocking all Facebook related requests that are sent from all third-party websites. Although “disconnect from Facebook 2018” prevents all traffic from third-party sites to facebook servers, but you can still visit your Facebook account with no problems.

★ Features
Prevents Facebook from tracking the web pages you go to.

Faster, more private, more secure.

“Disconnect from Facebook 2018” extension has very low memory footprint and CPU footprint.

You can easily toggle on / off using the toolbar button.