Facebook page to invite your contacts individually to your account quite laborious and time-consuming and tedious process, and either your Facebook account or your Facebook Facebook page as spam when it detects it sometimes get a lock on.

This process is effortless, easy ways to eat spam free and secure for you to do by using a plugin that is available to Google Chrome users you can do this.

Facebook Invite All Facebook invite Plugin is fairly simple to use.Video about how to use them all you have to do the transactions below have been added.

1 – First we are entering to the Google Chrome store.
2 – then we find calling plugin Facebook invite all.
3 – Click on the Insert button in the upper right of the Chrome operation.
4 – screen showing approval for the establishment of an after you accept the plugin, your plugin in Chrome is established.
5 – Now that the plugin has been installed in the upper right part of your browser in the left part of the symbol with three lines on the bottom that will take place.

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