Loves to play games on the tablet, and especially a person who’s thinking of playing a strategy game if you are no longer on your list can add to the risk. Risk quietly came out on the iOS platform in January 2017. She tried without advertising to their audience in a way or something that. Hasbro original boxed version and the digital risk of the company of the game Maker Hasbro of the game on iOS and android the company.

You can download the game free of charge. about 5 hours in a “1” gives the token, and this token is piling up. more than three token is piling up and the “2” token can play games with real players online. “1” can be played singleplayer against the AI on your own as toke. If you buy the game and totally 20TL if neither maps nor what token can play the game without any limitations. If you do not ultimately receive purchase the game, can play no more than once per day.Classic and practical a desktop simplified our game a little bit of risk. I have to say no at first about the secret mission in the game boxed, but the maps cesitlendirmis. The global domination game doesn’t work so I can see the world map of the most extensively preferred.screen520x924

When you come across a game played between 2 players to 6 players and it can take approximately 2-3 hours duration. For those who don’t know the game, simply I can explain the mechanics. It’s a move just like in chess, each player(turn), each player has 60 seconds and the period of that time period has three stages to play in

1.phase (placement): according to the state of the country and the continent in your hand, your soldiers, your konuslandiriyo of the existing land.

2.phase (attack): attack your enemies made the limit stage. at this stage, the complete defeat of the army against the army existing land with as many DICE rolls are taking over. (at this stage at least this card as a bonus card if they acquire a region ucleyin soldier and the next hand you receive a significant amount of reinforcement troops.

3.phase(fortify): This last phase, which is neighbor to each other in your land, a one-time soldiers are being shipped from place to place.

The game on the Map screen, bottom left button from this screen the players to the players online with them a treaty of friendship common enemies, or simply reach out and determined. no chat, just friendship and as I say we attack him, two commands are available. Click the arrow to the player you want to establish friendship in the corner of the card and reverse commands after the dial opens. Quite frankly, it’s a situation you don’t notice for a long time. The tutorial seemed interesting to me also be mentioned. Because these alliances form the backbone of the game.

I got to admit it’s hard for me to play on the mobile phone. Clicking on tiny maps grind, but on the tablet, everything is going great. Overall looks; the theme of the original game, color play palette, sound effects and online can be a source of good entertainment for tablet users in seamlessly with function. 20TL and all I see it as a reasonable price to buy. In a game in a day but I just can take it anymore will be satisfied with game time. If you have a tablet, please download and try the strategy, if you like a game that will probably stand for a long time in the AppStore on your tablet awaits us. When it comes to Android hope that will come soon and I advise you not to miss it.

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