The ease of VPN can allow internet sites.
You have used one of the VPN (Virtual Private Network) applications. VPN is also very easy to access special versions of web pages for foreign countries.

Among the VPN applications for Chrome, Hoxx VPN, which has one of the highest ratings, 4.6 out of 7,000 votes, stands out for having more than 100 servers in many countries around the world and no bandwidth limitation.

Although useful, VPN applications are not recommended at all for security reasons as they may leak your information. If you are accessing the Internet through a VPN application, we recommend that you do not use your private information (such as user name, password and personal information) during this connection.

What is VPN Used for?
1.) Introduction to Restricted and Prohibited Sites

As you know, we have seen in the past that even high-traffic legal sites such as Youtube and Twitter have been banned. Especially in these cases people need VPN programs and services to a great extent. VPN makes it possible to connect without any restriction or restriction as it sends your address as if it were in another country and encrypts the data.

2.) Download files (Torrent etc.)

As you know, most Torrent sites are banned in our country. This is due to illegal file downloads. Although you can slow down your speed while downloading files, it is better for your security to use VPN.

3.) Access to work or school network

For most of the work done remotely, you will be asked to link to the addresses given by the company for security reasons. In the same way, it is important to connect to the VPN within the management of the school network.

4.) All Kinds of Privacy and Security

Security is an important element in your use of the Internet. You can choose VPN programs especially to prevent your important information such as your bank information from being received by 3rd parties. With these programs, your data will be encrypted so malicious people will not be able to easily access your information.