McAfee SiteAdvisor Enterprise, McAfee Endpoint Security Web Control, McAfee SECURE Safe Browsing

McAfee Labs Stinger (formerly McAfee avert Stinger) with specific and can detect some common viruses. Antivirus does not protect you completely, it only allows you to find certain viruses.

The area of the most successful and well-known antivirus vendors, which is one of McAfee Antivirus for 2018 a new series is released. McAfee VirusScan plus outgoing interface that is completely different before especially in the design of
McAfee’s most comprehensive program, although this is not ideal for users who want to have virus protection on their computers, security and antivirus is a program that is affordable. While the program is being updated by changing the name in McAfee Antivirus Plus 2010 completely, real and effective protection rates. Not only from viruses, but also protected from other attacks that you may encounter on the internet that allows you to get one of the best features of the program can be used in a very simple manner. That appeal to everyone from computer users to computer users McAfee Antivirus Plus inexperienced professional, that has undergone the change and development in recent years, along with antivirus programs is one of the most impressive, which has been awarded with many awards.

McAfee Antivirus Plus is running much faster compared to the older versions, in this way, can perform Virus scans are much faster. Also thanks to this feature, the weak computer users, which can provide appropriate security measures without waiting for a lot of.

Virus protection and computer optimization tools the program has to offer outside users privacy also comes in quite handy. Referring to the most basic features of the program, they provide you with the program that I would like to see.

Virus Protection

Managed to get an award with virus protection feature try to infiltrate your computer McAfee Antivirus Plus trojans, viruses, spyware, rootkits, and many other harmful files and detect at the same time it takes to quarantine is blocked. Thus, your computer is Virus-Free as you can use them as you wish.

Privacy and PC optimization tools

The LAN computer that can affect the speed and performance of our work on their database and software updates, checking the software programs that need updating and notifying you of McAfee Antivirus Plus, The software allows you to use so that they are always up to date. This also prevents problems that may arise from vulnerabilities in the software that may be present. By deleting junk files and temporary Internet files that slow down your computer which improves your PC’s performance. You want to eliminate by destroying the documents in a secure manner allows to eliminate completely.

Wi-Fi Protection

Outgoing traffic from your computer and from your computer two-way that could pose a security risk that prevents you from connecting to botnet control. In this way, you can be sure that they are secure on the internet.

Uses The Tools That McAfee Antivirus Plus:

McAfee Active Protection
Global Threat Intelligence
McAfee QuickClean
McAfee Shredder
Additional Features Of McAfee Antivirus Plus:

SiteAdvisor: this feature internet page where you enter before you can see whether it is safe or whether it contains more threats. Yesil, yellow, and red colors using these colors for the sites informs you you enter the property.
Network administrator: your Wi-Fi network is trying to connect to unknown devices that prevents. So people you don’t know your Wi-Fi from connecting to your network you can prevent it. Apart from that, it does not allow others to spy on your internet usage.