Found free to play on Android and iOS, is a mobile game that can be played online. Card based game, but the characters used for the opening of the cards. In this respect it can be likened to a game of clash Royal. The basic objective in the game is to destroy the opponent’s Tower. From this perspective, also a MOBA like League of Legends ‘can be likened to Lara. In other words, different game patterns are merged.


-Successful graphics
-Licensed Star Wars characters, music. All of the characters no not currently, but updates are being added.
-Free to play logic isn’t bad. For those who want to play for free in the game there is a restriction. Paying a little more are moving quickly. You can play with pleasure for a long time but at no charge.
-No limitation on can. Resides on the server as playable as competing for as long as desired. Alone for a while (max 5 minutes) you may have to wait.

-It’s good that you are updated frequently. Small changes every week is definitely happening.


-There are less game modes( 3 types): training mode, 1 2 1 and 2
-You do not have the option to play Offline.
-Any script, no story.
-Lag problems happens too often. This is a game where a mistake can lose the game. People can mess with your head. In doing Server optimization producer, but there are still problems.
Unstable opponents. The game gives you very strong competitors. You’re defeated from the start that is obvious. Strong competitors almost never should be. I expect this to improve over time.


Not familiar with the Star Wars universe, because that is not the scenario in the game, you don’t have to be a fan. Like any game can be played. Who are not fans of the series, I began to be more concerned after the game.

It is advisable.

In the meantime, the game on bluestacks Android simulator it works fine. You can play from the PC.