My review overall, “this time I’ll keep the article short,” I start, but it always turns out to be a long review. This time, I’ll keep the article short 🙂

StayFocusd, a chrome plugin. With this plugin, you too we set up the sites, is blocked again after a time of our choosing. After that, you no longer “shouldn’t you be studying?” is written on a screen that greets you.

As standard you set of sites that allows you to spend a total time of 10 minutes. If you want more time you can specify. But then a dialog window to be covered by prepare. Classic addict because of the spoken words lists. “Can you live with this? Are you hurting yourself?” etc. trying to intimidate you with sentences. Finally, in a suggestive way, “I hope you’re happy!” she says.

Currently I’ve got the plugin installed and seconds. Soon to teknoseyir will shut down. I even close
No problem. I made passive. We can continue 🙂

A nuclear mode features. This mode is active when you specify the sites or all the sites doesn’t open again until a time of your choosing. Boom!

The plugin, by default, the hidden window is not active. Active would be beneficial. Because Ctrl+Shift+N with the change of all these prohibitions is possible. Speaking to stand out in the presentation of the first. Nuclear mode, like I said, it doesn’t matter no matter if he wants the hydrogen bomb passive that you’re making the whole thing ends at the time of the plugin. The weakest aspect of this plugin. Format or delete the browser and install it again will be much stronger if we had a chance with. I guess it is not a plugin to do this, the operating system must be established as a software.

The settings you have made, you have added a lot to the site but it will be blocked format or delete the browser and install it again. StayFocusd that time, offered the possibility to import the backup to us. We take a backup and we can load it again later.

Does that help? Would be. The definitive solution? . Business as usual we finish. For each block, if you ever do not install too passive.

The goal is the same, but different software Rescuet. I did his review. The following link from(1) can reach.

StayFocusd download link :