What is Surfeasy Vpn ?

We are confronted with an easy-to-use application for Android users. With the SurfEasy vpn program, many sites that are disabled in our country continue to serve you in a perfect way. In the previous years, a few of us had been able to change the DNS on these sites, but after a while we started taking precautions to change the DNS. Nowadays, you can experience some problems with which DNS you are using, and with these problems you can not easily browse on the internet and you can not login to any site you want.

Thanks to SurfEasy VPN, you do not encounter any obstacles and you can get exactly what you want in whatever site you are in. The up-to-date use of VPN applications is very simple and the necessary help is also optimized. SurfEasy vpn, one of the most downloaded applications among the free internet applications, can be said to be among the most popular programs by android and Windows users due to its ease of use.

When you connect to the Web with SurfEasy, all your traffic is routed through a protected VPN service. This means that nobody knows what you are doing and can not follow. The Toronto-based web company claims that its web browser, Surfeasy’s security, is at the same level as the banks. The company adds that it does not keep any record of users.

How to install and use SurfEasy VPN ?

To use the SurfEasy VPN in the desktop version, you need to download and install the latest version first. You can then activate the “Activate VPN” button by going to Menu, Settings, Privacy and security page. Immediately after activating SurfEasy VPN, you will have a VPN address at the top left of the address bar. You can easily turn on or off the VPN from the window that appears when you click on that part, you can graphically view the amount of downloaded data or make a country selection. If you want to use it on mobile android devices, you can download the SurfEasy VPN applications which are in stores.

SurfEasy VPN features and benefits ?

SurfEasy is an easy to use and secure way to block all your personal data from accessing the web via unsecured connections and wireless ports. It is a secure VPN application that has received a complete note from popular news sites such as USA Today, CNET, Cnn. You can hide IP addresses, location and identity, bypass firewalls, easily access closed sites and sites such as Hulu, Netflix, Vevo, Skype, twitter and Viber..

The basic features of SurfEasy, which protects your privacy by encrypting all your internet access, allowing you to enjoy the peace of mind on the internet:

1) WiFi network point security
2) Masking address and location information
3) Browse the web without watching
4) Accessing a disabled website anywhere

Surfeasy Vpn Download

SurfEasy Vpn Chrome Extension : Click

SurfEasy Vpn Opera Extension : Click

SurfEasy Vpn Mozilla Firefox Extension : Click

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