Unblock Boundary|Unblock youku Bilibili xiami

Help user overseas access their web service such as music and movie in mainland China.


Watch blocked online videos on Youku, Tudou, etc, while travelling outside mainland China.

✱ Installing this software, you agree that this software is only for study purposes and its authors take no responsibilities for any consequences.

1. After adding the addon to Firefox, selected websites in mainland China are unblocked automatically and you can enjoy videos and musics immediately.
2. This addon will change proxy settings of Firefox, which may lead to conflict if your network environment requires additional proxy settings for Internet connection.
3. Streaming services such as CNTV, Sina Live Video that require P2P plugin installed are not supported.



1. 之后加插件火狐,选定的网站,在中国大陆是畅通的自动的,你可以享受视频和音乐。
2. 这个附件将会改变代理设置的火狐,这可能导致冲突,如果你网络环境要求额外的代理设置的互联网连接。
3. 流媒体服务,例如平台管理相关工作向相关平台,新浪现场视频需要P2P插件的安装都不支持。